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We're working to create a strong, reliable, regional supply chain for sustainable building products and related industries. 

The Appalachian Sustainable Products Network (ASPN) is working to create a strong, reliable regional supply chain for sustainable building products, building-related service providers, and services. 


By reimagining the manufacturing supply chain, we can prepare Upper Appalachia  - western Pennsylvania, northeast Ohio and West Virginia - to lead in designing and deploying the products, technologies, and services that deliver improved energy and water efficiency, increase on-site renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and connect buildings to a cleaner grid. 


In a world embracing cleaner, low-carbon products and building solutions we are seeking a paradigm shift that will contribute to the regeneration of Upper Appalachia as it transitions from the extractive industries that once fueled its economy.

The Appalachian Sustainable Products Network (ASPN) is an initiative to position our region at the forefront of transformative change to meet the growing demand for products driving energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure.

The ASPN Initiative

The Network's Market Analysis and Pilot program will be completed in 2024. The initiative includes data mapping and a market study of the regional sustainable building product supply chain. The resulting analysis will identify gaps and opportunities to connect the producers, suppliers and manufacturers – big and small – involved in producing products and clean energy technologies for green building and sustainable infrastructure. The project will also provide opportunities for producers and manufacturers to learn about, and potentially pursue, life cycle assessments (LCA), training and certifications for their materials and products.

Data Mapping
Market Ecosystem Analysis
Gap Analysis
Training and Certification

Want to help position our region to better capture the $83B Sustainable Building market?

Are you a builder, building owner, or building products manufacturer? We are seeking input to assess potential workforce demand within the sustainable building, development, and associated clean energy sectors. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes, and will provide valuable insights to inform the development of future resources.

Get Involved

ASPN is seeking manufacturers interested to participate in a Sustainable Manufacturing Pilot Program which includes a no cost Life Cycle Assessment

View the informational webinar recording, ask a question, and see Frequently Asked Questions about ASPN

Learn more about this exciting initiative and what we plan to accomplish  on our about page.

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