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We need your input to help position our region to better capture the $83B Sustainable Building market

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Are you a builder, building owner, or building products manufacturer? We are seeking input to assess potential workforce demand within the sustainable building, development, and associated clean energy sectors. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes, and will provide valuable insights to inform the development of future resources.

Who should take the survey?

​Anyone associated with the production or service of building-related goods and services including:

  • Building owners

  • Building product manufacturers

  • Contractors

  • Researchers

  • Building material suppliers

More Details

As part of the comprehensive Market Study, we are conducting a survey of building owners, manufacturers, contractors, producers, researchers, and other support entities related to the production or service of sustainable building related goods and services.

  1. The survey will identify the types of jobs, gaps, skills, barriers, and opportunities critical in determining workforce demand potential within the sustainable building, sustainable development, and associated clean energy sectors. All findings will be incorporated into the final Market Report highlighting the potential workforce demand for the Upper Appalachian region.

  2. The secondary purpose of this survey is to use the results to support the creation of an ecosystem map. This map will help organizations in the region find and better connect with one another and help to highlight dynamic hubs of sustainability activity in the region.

Survey data will assist the Network and its partners in developing tailored support initiatives, advocating for legislative change on behalf of the sustainable products community, and determining next steps for investment. 

The collected information will be aggregated, and no personal identifiers will be disclosed unless you opt in for your organization to be included in our Ecosystem Map.  ​

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